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Renewal Counselling

Happiness, Emotional Health, Well-Being, and Positivity in your life.


Our Approach

  In our counselling practice, a person-centered, empathetic, non-judgmental, and holistic approach is utilized. We work with our clients in a collaborative manner and take into consideration of their bio-psycho-social-emotional factors. Our person-centered approach can help you work on your issues in a constructive way to guide you through counselling towards emotional health, well-being, and happiness in your life. We incorporate a number of counselling and therapeutic techniques and methods in the counselling and consultation sessions for an effective and optimal treatment outcome. As we work collaboratively through the counselling sessions, it will help relieve you from your negative feelings and emotions, and support you to overcome your psychological and emotional issues, so that you can experience Happiness, Emotional Health, Well-Being, and Positivity in your life. 

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